Cultural Spaces

Museums, Concert Halls, Libraries and other public spaces are perfect candidates for a 3D tour. Not everyone has the means to go and visit anywhere and everywhere they would like, but now you can share the beauty and history of your space with anyone in the world!

See below for some fun projects we’ve completed

Drove up to LA couple hours ahead of an appointment to beat traffic so I had some time to kill. Wanted to scan something unique, so I thought I would head up to the Old Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park and try to scan one of the old animal enclosures. As it turns out The Old Zoo was taken over by the new Haunted Hayride.

This is the Secret Garden in Huntington Beach’s Central Park. Exterior scans are not officially supported by Matterport, but the camera and software seem to work fine during twilight.

Locally renowned artist Eric Stoner’s little studio. Its amazing the size and quality of art and music that comes out of this little space. Once I finished the scan, we did a few scans with Eric sitting at the piano so you might notice a partial hollow Eric in some of the views.