Q: How long does it take to do a 3D scan of a property

A: For basic residential or commercial spaces we can scan about 2000SqFt/hour. This varies due to site complexity and access. Construction sites and facilities can take substantially longer due to a typically higher degree of complexity as well as access challenges and increased scan density

Q: How long until I receive my 3D tour/Photos/3D data?

A: 3D tours and photos are typically delivered the day after the scan/photo shoot was completed. 3D data, floor plans and professional creative photography will be delivered within 72 hours from completion of the scan/photo shoot.

Q: Can you upload my 3D tour to Google Maps?

A: Yes! Google maps integration is included with every commercial scan!

Q: Why do Construction/A&E/Facility scans cost more than residential/commercial scans?

A: Construction/A&E/Facility scans are typically more complex, take longer and are harder to access, require more scans per square foot and include several assets not included in other basic scans; including floor plans, reflected ceiling plans and 3D files (.OBJ and .XYZ) for expediting AutoCAD workflow and field to finish times.