Collaborating with your team, communicating with your design teams and contractors, planning for the future. All made more effective and efficient with access to comprehensive virtual model of your facility.

  • Walk through your mechanical, process and production areas without leaving the conference room.
  • Share your space with a simple email or text
  • Investigate conditions in your clean rooms without gowning up.
  • Provide your design team with 3 dimensional AutoCAD ready as-builts to jump start their design and minimize conflicts with new future installations (Colorized 3D point clouds and .OBJ files provided with each scan)
  • Our 3D tours have the potential to save hundreds, if not thousands of man hours of your employees, contractors and consultants time walking, driving or flying across the country to visit your facility

3D Showcase

3D Data (.OBJ File)


3D Data (colorized point cloud)

point cloud

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