Architecture and Engineering

After 20 years of building in hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, I have learned first hand that the challenges of building design are immense. Constantly changing conditions (and owners minds), ever more stringent building codes, outdated and inaccurate as-built data and unpredictable contractors can present a substantial challenge for even the very best design teams. Not to mention, much of this design takes place off site with nothing but still pictures, amateur video and the occasional visit to reference the reality of the site or address a particular discepancy.

Our advanced technology will capture your entire project site in just a couple of hours and have your 3D space ready in just a couple of days. This immersive 3D environment will allow you to collaborate with your entire team, on site, 24 hours a day. Even if you (or they) are on the other side of the world. In addition, the 3D data that is created as a part of our service can be used to save you time and money by substantially reducing on site measuring and CAD modeling time. See below for some other useful examples of what our cost effective and valuable service can do for you!

At request for proposal:

Use the virtual space and 3D data to reduce costs and speed up your bid process by minimizing time spent visiting and revisiting sites to verify measurements and conditions. Use the immersive 3D virtual showcase (as well as schematic and graphical floor and reflected ceiling plan documents) to provide “anytime” access to the project site by your team of design professionals and consultants, wherever they may be, anywhere in the world.

Once you have been awarded a project:

Re-use the initial scan data to jump start your design process. Included with your initial scan are colorized point clouds (.XYZ files) and 3D mesh (.OBJ file) that can be imported directly into your CAD program to substantially minimize need for additional on site measurements. This will allow you to provide a more complete design in less time and at a lower cost with minimal re-visits to the project site.

When the project goes out to bid:

Share your immersive 3D virtual (and measurable!) space with prospective contractors allowing them infinitely more time “in the space” compared to a 1-2 hour job walk afforded most small to medium construction projects. This will minimize missed scope, RFI’s and change orders to your owner further down the road.

At the end of the project:

A final scan at the completion of the project can be used to provide a visual punch list using tags that can be place within the 3D environment to easily and accurately communicate issues that need to be addressed. Lastly, use the interactive 3D virtual showcase on your website and in your marketing materials to wow future potential clients with your cutting edge technological prowess!


See below for some examples of what our system (powered by Matterport) can produce.

3D Showcase

Floor Plan


3D Data (.OBJ File)


3D Data (.XYZ colorized point cloud)

point cloud

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